Ruby Red


Neutral pH and user-friendly formulation give great Fallout Removal cleaning power. It can be used on both Paint, Chrome and Alloy Wheels.


Ruby Red
Fallout Removal & Wheel Cleaner

User-friendly formulation gives great wheel cleaning power. It can be used on both Steel and Alloy Wheels. Reacting with the Ferrous Metals contained within brake dust, it attacks those stubborn and hard to remove contaminants, releasing them in a dark red goo.

Ruby Red  is a powerful and effective alloy wheel and steel wheel cleaner with a kind, non-acidic, pH-neutral, user-friendly formula. It is safe to use on all car wheel types and finishes, such as alloy, steel, painted, chrome or diamond cut, removing brake dust and stubborn deposits with ease.& Paint work to take off any particle contaminants that simply wont come off after a wash.


Wheels: Simply spray on cold wheels and leave to work for 2-3 minutes, then either work in with a wheel brush or rinse away, to leave a great finish.
Paintwork :Simply apply directly to the surface of the bodywork using the trigger spray bottle. Leave the product to work for 2 - 3 minutes. Wash off using a high pressure wash or hose ensuring all traces of the product have been thoroughly rinsed away. For any stubborn marks agitate with our unique cleaning glove.
Make sure not to let dry onto the body or wheels as it will have to be re-applied.

Works best with our Alloy wheels brushes or gloves.