Lift Off Cleaner


This Multi Purpose traffic film Remover will remove insect fluid and stains from windscreen, mirrors, bumper, bonnet and all other surfaces with ease.


Lift Off

Lift Off – Citrus Blast Traffic Film Eliminator is one of the best car cleaning products to keep as part of your car washing kit. Lift Off is a fragrant multi-purpose cleaner and de-greaser formulated to gently remove bird droppings, dirt, bug & dead insects, oil, grease, brake dust, pollution and road grime from your car. This handy, easy to use, spray can be used for a multitude of typically tricky car cleaning jobs.

Rinse area, spray directly onto surface,allow to work for 2 mins, rinse off with water or sponge off, wash and dry vehicle normally. for stubborn dirt use our cleaning glove lightly on affected areas before rinsing off.

Best used with our Textured Cleaning Glove and light sponge.