A person cleaning a car interior

Car Sanitisation Process

We have prepared thorough instructions on how to sanitise your car exterior and interior.

Please remember that proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) must be worn before you can undertake the sanitisation process, i.e. full suit, gloves, mask, goggles. Especially for a vehicle that previously had contamination of a virus.

Car Sanitisation Process – How To…

As mentioned before, ensure you are wearing proper PPE before starting the car sanitisation process.

Car sanitisation infographic

Parts of the exterior that should be disinfected

Take this sanitization very seriously after the car got a wash and dry, so no marring or marking of the cars occurs.

Disinfecting the door handles, the frame of doors, roof pillars, fuel filler cap, luggage compartment handle, top of the boot lid.

A person cleaning a car door handle with a cloth

Parts of the interior that should be disinfected

For prevention of any virus:

Firstly, while opening the door, spray interior sanitiser for any airborne bacteria or viruses.

Then sanitize:

Steering wheel, gearstick, handbrake, door handles, radio and infotainment controls, stalks on the steering column (indicators and windscreen wipers, cruise control), elbow rests, seat position controls. Seatbelt holder and clips. Window buttons.

These principles are even more important for taxi drivers and other drivers who transport passengers.

A car interior with digitally added fingerprints around it

What should you use to disinfect the car?

Our BAC based terminal disinfectant is very effective against coronavirus and isopropyl alcohol won’t do the main surfaces in your car any harm. In fact, it’s what carmakers and their subcontractors use to disinfect parts. To increase your peace of mind, Consumer Reports says you can use alcohol to wipe down the seat upholstery and other soft surfaces in the car. But be careful not to soak them through.

Alcohol should not damage either leather or imitation leather upholstery, but excessively intensive cleaning with alcohol can discolour the material. So, don’t scrub the seats and other leather surfaces too hard as this is not a cleaning method, it’s sanitization only.

COVID-19 BAC based terminal disinfectant

After a full treatment of sanitization, we can provide our interior sanitiser in 500ml or 1 ltr bottles to keep on top of it any time you think is needed.

And also, we can supply you 500ml or 1ltr of hand sanitizer or if you like a top up of your own bottle of hand sanitizer can also be provided.

Alcohol hand gel

Areas to clean in your car afterwards

  • Exterior door handles
  • The frame of door and roof
  • Inner door release
  • Window switches
  • Interior door handle
  • Door pocket
  • Seatbelts
  • Seatbelt clips
  • Seat adjust buttons
  • Steering wheel
  • Horn
  • Control stalks
  • Driver air vents
  • Dashboard
  • Power button
  • Gear shift
  • Multimedia screen
  • Central air vents
  • Heating controls
  • Glovebox
  • Log book
  • Central storage compartment
  • Cupholders
  • Rear-view mirror
  • Interior lights
  • Grab handle
  • Key
  • Head rests
  • Seat pockets
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