Seal & Rinse


Premium Detailing Quick Sealant.

Great product to keep your car protected better for longer. Just spray on After a Wash, Rinse well.

just watch it bead, you will be hooked for life..


Seal and Rinse
Multi exterior Sealant

Seal & Shine – Protective Glaze Sealant – is a modern alternative to car polish or wax, though it can be used in conjunction with these traditional products, too. The best car cleaning product for providing a lasting deep gloss shine and paint guard, this car paint sealant protects paint, glass and all other body surfaces with an invisible, silky smooth, hydrophobic layer capable of repelling water, contaminants and road grime for up to 2 months.

Wash Car as normal first when its still wet, spray evenly all over, then rinse off from top down making sure all product is off.
dry off soft drying towel in accordance for streak free results. best applied after each wash.