The Top 5 Benefits to Car Detailing Services

Mar 22, 2022 | General News

There are many benefits to using a car detailing service. A good detailer will help you clean up your vehicle’s exterior and interior and make it shine like new. The car service will also help you get rid of any stains that have developed on the exterior of your car.

1. A Car Detailing Service Can Improve Your Cars Value

If you look at any automobile dealership or rental agency, you will see that they have detailed every one of their cars. You may also notice that they have all been cleaned inside and out. This is because the company wants to ensure that the car is in its best possible condition before leaving the shop.

If you have a used or lease car or plan to sell your car in the future, it will be important to keep up with maintenance to maintain and boost its value. Taking your car in for a professional detailing service is an excellent way to keep up with this.

2. A Car Detailing Service Can Improve Your Cars Appearance

Auto detailing services are extremely important because they help you maintain the newness and appearance of your vehicles. The cars are always exposed to dirt, dust, bird droppings, and other elements that make them look untidy. These elements can also cause damage to the exterior and interior parts of your cars. The good thing is that companies offer a car detailing service to help you protect your investment.

A good detailer and car repair service provider can make it look like new again. The exterior and interior of your car will benefit from regular cleanings. If you’re in the market

3. Car Detailing Services Can Boost Your Safety

Keeping your windshield clear and free from obstructions is essential for safe driving. A good detailing service will eliminate any build-up on your windshield, which can obscure your view of the road. Having a tidy interior will also help you stay focused while driving so that you’re not distracted by clutter or other messes while behind the wheel.

4. Car Detailing Service Might Be Required for A Lease Return

When you lease a car, you are responsible for the vehicle’s condition upon return. Do not let this intimidate you! You are allowed to have your car detailed before returning it, and it is highly recommended that you do so. This will save you a possible headache and money by avoiding any penalties associated with returning a dirty car. Most dealerships will even specify what you should expect in terms of cleanliness.

5. Car Detailing Services Can Help You Keep Up With Repairs

If your car is undergoing repairs or has recently been repaired, it is a good idea to have it detailed. A professional detailing and car valet service can help protect and preserve the new paint job on your vehicle by applying micro-protectants and waxes to the fresh paint. This will help preserve the finish and keep your car looking good for years to come.

The Best Car Detailing Services is a family-operated car valeting service company with a passion for cars. We offer a wide range of services to suit your needs & budget. We are fully insured, and all valets are carried out in a safe location using high-quality products. We aim to provide you with the best possible service and experience, far exceeding your expectations.

The services offered by include:

Decontamination wash

This is a basic service that will leave your car looking much better. It involves cleaning inside and out, including the wheels and tires, windows, doors, door jams, mirrors, and trunk. Any dirt or grime on the exterior gets removed with a deep clean. Interior detail includes shampooing any fabric upholstery and carpets, cleaning leather seats, vacuuming, and washing the dashboard.

The decontamination wash applies an iron remover that removes iron particles from the paintwork and other areas of the car like wheels, brake calipers, and exhaust tips. Other processes involved are a snow foam bath, two-bucket method, clay bar treatment, and full hand washes.

Mini detail

This is a more thorough version of the decontamination wash. In addition to removing any dirt or residue from the interior and exterior of the vehicle, it includes clay bar treatment on the outside and dressing all plastics and rubber. Mini detail involves a decontamination wash and waxing of your vehicle. You also get to choose where you want your car to be worked on – at your home or the company’s workshop.

The mini detail package is designed for those who only want the basics. We will wash your car with care, vacuum your interior, clean your windows before dressing your tires, and apply a wax protection spray to your paintwork.

Enhancement detail

The enhancement detail provides a deeper clean than either of the other options. It includes a clay bar treatment on the exterior and an application of wax for extra shine. Inside, all plastic panels are thoroughly cleaned before being dressed with a silicone spray to give them that like-new look.

The enhancement detail package is suitable for vehicles that have been regularly maintained but require professional attention on some areas of the paintwork or interior. Our master detailers will spend more time on correcting minor blemishes on the paintwork and deep cleaning the interior before applying protective coatings to both the exterior and interior surfaces where applicable.

Paint Correction

This is the process of defects removal in the paintwork in order to restore its shine and clarity. Most defects come from years of washing incorrectly, using cheap sponges or wash mitts that can cause scratches in your paintwork. Other causes are bird droppings, tree sap, industrial fallout, swirl marks, and bad machine polishing.

Total Paint Correction

The paintwork is extensively polished to remove as many defects as possible like scratches as well as swirl marks. This process can take up to a couple of days to complete depending on the condition of your vehicle. After this has been completed, a paint sealant or wax is applied to protect the paintwork that lasts up to 6 months.

This service is usually carried out if you want to sell your car or a high-value vehicle. Before a potential buyer takes a test drive, they will first inspect the car’s exterior and interior. A newly detailed car will make an excellent first impression. Moreover, you will save money if you take your car for detailing.

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