Perfect Gifts For Car Lovers In 2022: A Helpful Guide

Mar 1, 2022 | General News

Finding the ideal gift for your dearest car-lover can be borderline daunting and somewhat tricky, especially if you’re not a car-lover yourself. But, whether you’re an expert or not, we’re here to help you make this task a little bit easier and manageable. We’ve assembled a very interesting list that is guaranteed to impress any car enthusiast.

You might find it unbelievable, but there is a plethora of gift items you can give to a car enthusiast. From tools to the latest gadgets, there’s plenty here to satisfy anyone who owns a car, works on cars, or spends their days daydreaming about cars. 

Dash Cam

We chose to start this list with the most practical one. A dashcam is an indispensable tool nowadays. With the increasing number of cars and an equally steady rise of drivers with dubious driving experience, anything could happen. Motor Vehicular accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, so you might as well be prepared in case, God forbid, you’ll be caught in one.

When choosing a dashcam, you might be better off getting one that lets you record in 1080p (front) and 720p (rear) resolutions. Most dash cams also come with a magnificent 2.5-inch high-res touchscreen and a feature where it overwrites its oldest files. So, it’s always recording, even if your SD card gets full.

Tools and Storage Accessories

No car lover would not be surprised if you give them a new set of tools or additional storage space. 

Every car enthusiast, or at least an automotive mechanic-wannabee, would need a quality set of tools, and giving them a Mechanics Tools Kit makes the perfect sense. Some tools kits include a comprehensive list of tools that sometimes have 72-tooth pear-head ratchets, a wide variety of sockets, extensions, and adapters for almost any application. 

Another gift idea that will surely leave your dear car lover speechless is a roof-mounted storage device. With this storage, you can easily free up some valuable space. With its 100 percent waterproof cargo bag, rest assured that your things are neatly protected from the elements. 

When choosing which roof-mounted storage to get, consider those that are made of heavy-duty, military-grade tarpaulin with ample zippers and seals to keep your things accessible. If you can find one that comes with a carrying bag and has TSA-approved locks, then that’s a steal!

Car Care Gift Pack

If you think that the person you’re trying to gift already has a complete set of tools — their vacuum still works, or they already have a dashcam installed — fret not! We have the perfect gift idea that’s guaranteed to wow any car enthusiast, a complete car care gift pack.

Every car owner would appreciate this thoughtful, inexpensive, and practical gift. Some gift packs have everything a car owner will ever need, such as an Armor All Cleaner and Protectant, Ultra Shine Wash & Wax (to keep their cars sparkly), Tire Foam Protectant, and a can of 25 handy Glass Wipes. These brands have been around for quite some time, and you know you can trust these brand names. If you’re not sure which gift to give a car owner, look no further than this one. 

For a huge selection of cleaning products to suit all vehicles, look no further than online shop. These trustworthy aftercare products have been used by the Navan company for almost 20 years, the wide selection of products available on the online shop cannot be found in your local motor factors. Tried and tested by and manufactured by the professionals, these products are sure to have even the pickiest of car fanatics delighted with the results. 

Customised Rubber Mats

Most, if not all, car enthusiasts love to have their car looking spic and span from the inside out but with the unpredictable Irish weather, kids and animals in the back seat, and everything else in between, it’s not an easy job keeping the car clean.

A durable set of rubber mats is an easy way of reducing the chances of mud, dirt and any other stains from ruining your car’s interiors. Investing in long lasting and hard wearing rubber mats will protect the inside of a vehicle for years. The mats are easy to clean and can be simply removed from the vehicle and wiped down after coming in contact with any dirt or grime for a fresh new look. They are available in a range of styles and price points and can even be customised for the exact model of your car to ensure it slots right in and stays in place. With customised mats, your beloved motor enthusiast can easily transform the way their car looks inside without having to go through the usual interior customisation jobs. By protecting the interior of a car, you can increase its longevity and value and it is no surprise that giving someone a brand new set of customised rubber car mats would be much appreciated.

Gift Vouchers

For the person who already has everything, a gift voucher for car products and services would be perfect too! Allow your friends and family the freedom of selecting what they truly need for their vehicle. With the rapidly rising cost of car fuel, to car detailing services or interior accessories, a gift voucher will be welcomed by any car lover. A gift voucher can range in value and can be used when the vehicle is in need of sprucing up making it an ideal gift for any occasion.

Being in the car detail and valet service industry for quite some time now, has some sweet suggestions regarding the perfect gift for any car owner. Gift vouchers, which your motor enthusiast can avail for car detail or valeting services, will surely impress any car owner. You can easily avail them, too. Check out for more information.

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